Some of the most common questions I’m asked are about sponsorship, namely:

  • Any tips for raising money for charity ?
  • How to get sponsors to help you with kit and costs ?

Below is my personal opinion, based on what I’ve learned from people a lot more successful than me !

Doc Andrew Murray, S2S challenge
Doc Andrew Murray, S2S challenge

Tips for raising money for charity

  1.  Involve people, get them excited about your project !
  2. Update friends and family regularly – how is training going ? What’s going well, what are you going through ?
  3. Use Facebook, twitter, and a blog/website to share your story.
  4. JustGiving, or other similar sites make it easy to donate, and people can Gift Aid donations.
  5. Thank people for their generosity wherever possible.
  6. Consider a raffle/auction, or another event – find some great prizes and you are away.
  7. Make sure you get plenty photos of the event itself, and share them.
  8. Speak to your chosen charity – what are their top tips for fundraisers ? Can they offer you any advice ?

How to get sponsors to help you with kit and costs ?

  1. Rather than asking directly for kit, or money, ask companies or friends if they know anyone that could help. People are usually proud of their contacts.
  2. Think what you can offer the company. It’s got to be for mutual benefit, otherwise expect a “No thanks”. Be specific about what you can offer them.
  3. Let people know what you’ve done previously, and what companies have got out of it in the past.
  4. Be realistic – ask for something you need, and that the company could give you.
  5. It sounds obvious but if sending request by letter or email, put the important bit at the front, and make it as short as possible. 250 words max.
  6. Get a website, and give your sponsors a plug on this, or via social media (ie: a Facebook page), and keep them updated.
  7. Work out which companies have sponsored similar ventures before, and try them!
  8. Pick your event wisely – the more profile the event has, the more chance of success.

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