Ben Wyvis. The first MountainSounds amazing, does it not?  Running all 130 of the 1000 metre mountains in Scotland, and cycling or kayaking between them.  Follow it here
That is what the Archies Mountain Challenge Team(  are currently doing, and with legs weary but spirits high, the end is in sight.  Myself, my wife Jennie and baby Nina joined the team on the first mountain, Ben Wyvis 30th of May as the cyclists screeched into the car park, handing the baton to the runners who tore up the mountain leaving us fun walkers deeply impressed and in their wake.
Since then over 100 metric mile mountains have been summited, initially in conditions that bore no resemblance to summer, with deep snow into the glens and winds howling between the crags of An Teallach and other challenges.
The idea has been the brain child of Paul Fettes, and Ben Ulyatt, medical doctors based in Dundee who hope many will try and climb “The Archies” in future, and have cycled, ran and supported much of the route themselves. The idea has been to raise money for the Archies Foundation, supporting and the Tayside Children’s hospital, supporting children in the North East of Scotland.
Sun and Snow- Welcome to Scotland
Nina enjoyed her first venture high into the hills of Scotland, but at 9 months is too busy drinking milk and filling her nappies to join in the fun this weekend. But this weekend I am looking forward to joining in the fun, and running a load of mountains with my good friend Joe Symonds to help the bid to finish the challenge by midnight Sunday and help our friends at BBC’s The Adventure Show film the epic. It is not clear whether that will be possible, but follow the live tracker here to find out how Paul, Ben, and our merry band get on.  If you are able, please share this challenge via facebook, twitter or with your networks which will help massively in keeping us going, and raise vital funds for the Archies Foundation.
Wish I had been there!
Look forward to posting pictures of the sunshine (maybe)