Get Active

Get Active

QUESTION – Do you achieve a total of 150 minutes activity a week that increases your breathing rate? (EVERYTHING COUNTS)
YES – great stuff, research shows you will be considerably happier and healthier than if you didn’t.
NO – Watch this:

Can you build regular Physical Activity into day to day life?
How about:
– Walking / cycling to work
– Take the stairs
– Find something that you enjoy or can do with friends
– Get a pedometer
– Ask your friends what works for them

Social network for sports people, it’s a great site to connect with people who share your interests, as well as getting more active and improving at your sports. If you’re looking to help build exercise into your daily routine, Tribesports Challenges are the ideal way to keep yourself motivated. You can see popular Challenges here.

Sign up today for tips on nutrition and getting active.

Excellent advice for young families on nutrition and exercise, and why it’s important.

A very useful website that helps you find activities near where you live (Scotland only), from easy to extreme.

A partnership of organisations committed to promoting walking for health and the development of multi-use path networks in Scotland.

Britain’s walking charity which has for goal to make walking accessible to everyone.

Dr Mike Evans brings together great video and other content on physical activity, concussion, diabetes and much more.