Physical Activity

Physical Activity – Key Facts

Well over half of deaths in the UK and developed countries are due to avoidable lifestyle factors. These include low fitness, smoking, excess alcohol, and poor diet. By looking after yourself, it’s way less likely you’ll die or experience bad health.
The Human body has evolved to be active. Without it we become ill.
Physical activity helps everyone, young, old, rich or poor. Those that are active live about 7 years longer, have 28% fewer days off work, and have better quality of life.
Low fitness kills more people worldwide than obesity or alcohol excess.
150 minutes a week of ANY activity that raises your breathing rate decreases risk of dying that year by 30% and risk of many diseases like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers by 20-40%
EVERYTHING COUNTS – Walk to work, take the stairs, do the garden, dance or play football. Break it up into 10 minute or 30 minute bursts, get a pedometer.
60 minutes a day of physical activity is THE best present you can give your kids. Physical Activity is good for children’s brains’- it improves concentration at school !
Get Active now !