Lessons From Africa

Lessons From Africa

Statistics on the dominance of East Africans in distance running are so impressive, that they verge on the absurd. 66 of the world’s 100 marathon runner’s come from Kenya, whilst no less than 17 pupils of one small school in the village of Iten have become world champions, world record holders or Olympic Champions. Almost everyone in rural Kenya is active – and we know physical activity is vital for health. We’ll explore, and make a film with B4 Films, about what makes Kenyans so fast, and lessons we can learn.
East Africa offers fantastic opportunities to push the human body to its limits. Together with Donnie Campbell, the Scottish 100km champion, I will attempt to run up and down Mt Kilimanjaro in a day, do the same on Mt Kenya, and traverse various National Parks, geyser fields and iconic locations whilst running at least an ultra marathon a day for the time we are out there.

This major project for 2013 has 3 major aims, these are:

  1. To learn from East Africa, and what makes their runners so fast
  2. To test the limits of my endurance with a run across and through the most spectacular scenery this region has to offer
  3. Raise money, and awareness for the African Palliative Care Association (APCA)

Despite fancy medications, operations and rescue helicopters, we still haven’t found a cure for death. But we can help provide a decent standard of care for the dying. We will take many lessons from Africa, and in return will support palliative care in Africa. Liz Grant, Mary and Prof Scott Murray and other British doctors knowledgeable in palliative care will support local services, and we will raise awareness, and cash for these important projects. All money donated will go directly to the African Palliative Care Association (APCA). All expedition costs will be covered by ourselves or our event sponsors UVU and Merrell.