This time last week, I was in hospital hooked up to a drip.  A lumbar puncture had shown there were either bacteria or viruses in the membranes that line my brain and spinal canal.  I had a high fever, a massive headache, and quite a stiff neck and back.  Fortunately I received outstanding care from the team in A+E, in medical receiving, and a clear diagnosis of Enterovirus Meningitis was made.
A week on, my headache is a little more than a tickle, and I feel profoundly tired, but am getting a tonne better each day.  I’m fully back to work, and have the energy to do normal stuff with my family and kids. However I will need to get better fast to take on the Ryder Cup Run, with over a marathon a day, and a lot of golf in less than 3 weeks.

My good friend Paul Dunstan and I will team up to run from Wentworth Club, England – the home of Ryder Cup Europe – to the host venue of The 2018 Ryder Cup- Le Golf National in France while taking on various golfing challenges each day, including the British Speedgolf Open, GolfSixes, and a final round of 18 holes at Le Golf National’s famous course upon reaching their final destination.
We’ll be doing this to raise money and awareness for “Golf In Society” , enabling people with dementia and other medical conditions to continue to play the game, and also to promote the value of exercise in the great outdoors.  Now I’m over the worst of the meningitis, I’ll lace up the Merrell’s and get out there and train.  Hopefully I can be fit in time.
I also wanted to say thanks a tonne for the wonderful messages of love and support for Jennie, Nina, baby Fran and I while I was in hospital.  Each one is hugely appreciated.
If you are reading this, and have got a few quid you can share, to support the run, and Golf in Society, we’d be incredibly grateful, the link is below- and feel free to share the great work they are doing