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The actively volcanic Cotopaxi on a rare clear day
The actively volcanic Cotopaxi on a rare clear day

So I am off to the airport, for the next major adventure. The vistas do not get more varied than this in 24 hours- the high crevasse riddled Andes, followed by extremely undulating terrain before hitting the Amazon basin. Below is the press release from Brand Nation.
I need to learn to tie my shoelaces
I need to learn to tie my shoelaces

The expedition can be followed on, on twitter at @docandrewmurray or on my Facebook page DocAndrewMurray with live updates en route by the trust Donnie Campbell who will also do the first part of the challenge.
Brand Nation
Ultra-marathon man to run from Andes to the Amazon in a day
Ultra Runner and Merrell ambassador Dr Andrew Murray, whose previous conquests include completing a remarkable 2,559 mile run from Scotland to the Sahara Desert, a 7hr run up Mt Kilimanjaro and race wins in some of the most spectacular and hostile locations on Earth has earmarked his upcoming Andes to Amazon challenge as his hardest to date. The challenge commences on June 14, 2014.
Training in Edinburgh
Training in Edinburgh

South America is a continent of natural extremes, with the two best known natural features being the spectacular Andes mountains and the immense ecosystems of the Amazon jungle. On the day England kick off their football World Cup campaign in the heat and humidity of the amazon city of Maunas, the Scottish International distance runner will run for more than 100 miles through first sub-zero temperatures then the searing heat to reach the Amazon Basin. Murray will first climb the crevasse riddled Mt Cotopaxi (5,897metres), before running the undulating ‘Avenue of the Volcanoes’ which includes Mt Tungurahua one of the most active volcanoes on Earth, then descending onto the Pastaza river, which feeds the mighty Amazon.
Murray, 33 from Edinburgh said “the landscape and wildlife are utterly amazing. The major difficulties are having to run about 100 very hilly miles at pretty significant altitude, having just climbed a mountain higher than anything in Europe. I ran Mt Kilimanjaro last year and Cotopaxi is a little higher and is covered in snow and ice so I’d anticipate being tired even before getting off the mountain. Once off the top of the mountain it is anyone’s guess how long it will take to reach the jungle, but I would be delighted with 24 hours.
Actually as a doctor with the SportScotland Institute of Sport I’m aware that altitude, heat and humidity are usually the enemy of the long distance runner, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty sympathy for the English Football team who will be running around in the Amazon jungle on the same day. But I have been kitted out with the gear that will help minimise the effects of the heat, and it would not be a challenge unless it was harder than what I have done before.”
Dr Murray hopes to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise through this epic, saying: “As a GP I know that taking regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If everyone did 30 minutes of walking, or any other form of exercise a day, stats show it would increase national happiness. Even this amount of exercise increases life expectancy by 7 years. There is a great video called 23.5 hours, whilst I’m really keen to support the Fit in 14 campaign.”
Merrell Pack Leader Dr Andrew Murray has completed challenges including a 2,659 mile run from John O’Groats to the Sahara, 7 ultra-marathons on the 7 continents in 7 days, and has won races at the North Pole, Antarctica, Outer Mongolia, the Sahara desert, and the jungles of Indonesia as well as racing for Scotland. He is a Sports Medicine doctor having worked with Sportscotland, the European Golf Tour, international football and rugby teams, and at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. He is an advisor for the Scottish Government Physical Activity team promoting exercise for health and championing the Merrell spirit of being active in the outdoors.
Andrew will first utilize Merrell’s Allout Rush model to conquer the unstable terrain of Mt Cotopaxi. He’ll switch to the Allout Fuse once off the volcano.
Merrell was founded in 1981. The company’s philosophy is based on encouraging and equipping everyone to Get Outside to seek adventure, exhilaration and new experiences.
Get more active,
For further information, contact Andrew Murray on 07 791 303 980, or at or Henry Courtier from Brandnation on 02 079 407 170 or at