Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya
Chogoria was an incredible place to visit – a real appreciation of what is possible with limited resources in a hospital and amazing hospitality.
But one of Kenya’s great endurance challenges awaited – running Mount Kenya in a day.
The mountain itself is vastly different to Mount Kilimanjaro, with multiple jagged peaks piercing the sky.
Together with Donnie and Basti, we set off from the lowest gate at Naro Moru. Cloud forest gave way to bamboo before the infamous vertical bog led us towards the massif.
To be honest I thought we would fly up it, having run Mount Kilimanjaro the week before but perhaps 350km run in the week had left the legs heavy as I stumbled up behind Donnie and Basti.
Having spent a time filming, we hit Point Lenana at 4,896 metres; amazed by the shards of rock below, and Batian above.
So the challenge is fully on track, it is both a pleasure and a huge challenge each day.