Lake Bogotia
Lake Bogotia
Several tonnes of meat glared at Donnie and I and snorted. It lowered its head and horns menacingly.
We legged it. We had accidentally got between 3 buffaloes and the lake, these guys had been hidden in the undergrowth. No matter how many miles you had done these cantankerous and surprisingly swift animals are worth evading.
Central Kenya offers unparalleled opportunity to spend time running in the company of wildlife. Sometimes you just happen across a herd of zebras or impalas, whilst national reserves offer a scenic backdrop and a greater concentration of wildlife, for example in the interesting sounding Hell’s Gate National park.
I am not much up for being eaten so we won’t run in the National Parks where lions, leopards and other roamers are, but after a long morning run the likes of Nakuru National park is a magnificent place to watch game.
There can be few places worse to realise you have a completely flat tyre than whilst watching a pride of seven lions. Not a great feeling. Fortunately Joe who was driving manhandled the vehicle a km down the track while he changed the wheel as we checked for unwelcome visitors.
Donnie and I have ran 12 consecutive days at over 50 kilometres a day. This might sound straightforward enough given I ran longer each day running from Scotland to the Sahara but I can promise you that running up various mountains, the terrain and the altitude are exhausting so I appreciate every word of support.