Andrew, Donnie & the Gazelles
Andrew, Donnie & the Gazelles
One of the best things about Mount Kilimanjaro, is that you can see it even having run 100km away from it.
East Africa is never boring with the hustle and bustle of downtown Arusha – mayhem – to the open wildlife filled plains.
It is a beautiful but unforgiving place. It seems even the sun and the vegetation attacks you.
Day 3 featured 50km Crossing the Tanzanian/Kenyan border, an heading towards Nairobi. All manner if brightly coloured birds were seen along with antelopes and zebras.
After a sweltering days running, we drove into a national park and spotted some lions and hippopotamus.
Donnie and I are both inevitably carrying a few niggles, but nothing too serious. The most obvious thing to report is that running at altitude is a fair bit more tiring than at sea level so 50km a day feels a bit harder than it should, particularly as there is not much flat ground.
I really appreciate all the kind messages and support.