2012 was another great year, running and travel wise. The biggie I suppose was running 7 ultra-marathons, on each of the 7 continents in 5 days 14 hours, but I also managed to place first overall in each of the North Pole Marathon, The Gobi Challenge, and the Antarctic Ice Marathon. There were challenges, and hiccups encountered on each of these, for example breaking a wrist 10 days before the North Pole, but fortunately they all worked out.

Run The World challenge - Sydney
Run The World challenge: 7 Ultramarathons, on each of the 7 continents in 5 days 14 hours – Finish Line

For 2013, the over-riding goals are the same – to enjoy running, and see a bit of the world. But I also want to learn a bit from the best, what makes them so fast, what makes them so consistent, and why is David Rudisha always smiling. I am lucky in the work that I do with Scottish Institute for Sport, and UK Athletics to have some insight into this, but I really fancy heading back to East Africa, where I grew up, and learning from the Kenyans.
So a long jog in East Africa in the summer is the priority, and while I am there I will take in the main mountains, game parks, and things to see. More about this in the next blog. I would also like to take in some iconic sites like the Giant’s causeway, and the Dolomites and run there, and also test myself a wee bit in the UK and internationally – I have not trained specifically for a race in the UK before or a championship, and will give this a go.
Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy

Rough Schedule – TBC
March, 31st – Scottish Athletics 50km Champs Perth
May, 4th – Giants Causeway Race. Northern Ireland
June, 8th – Dirty 30, Lochalsh
June 26th – July 20, Run High Africa
July, 25th – Trans D’Havet Ultra, Dolomites, Italy
September, 21st – Sri Chimnoy 24-hour race
October, 28th to November, 3rd – Himalayan 100 miler and Everest Challenge Marathon