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Dr. Andrew Murray running in the Antarctic, Union Glacier.  Nov. 2012.
Dr. Andrew Murray running in the Antarctic, Union Glacier. Nov. 2012.
RunTheWorld, Antarctica, start time: Friday, 23 November 2012, 14:06 GMT.
7 ultra marathons on 7 continents in 7 days was always going to be a tough ask logistically and athletically.
Actually getting to Antarctica is an absolute highlight of my life. Incredible both in terms of its beauty but also the hostility of the environment. The camp itself is wonderfully comfortable in relative terms although the tennis still pretty chilly at night.
I’d loved running in the Ice Marathon just over 24 hours before but much time spent running hard in massive conditions flat out is taxing physically and mentally. Being stiff and slightly fatigued at the start of 7 ultras on 7 continents in a week would not be ideal but it was my choice.
Run The World, Antarctica, leg 1
Run The World, Antarctica, leg 1

I’d timed the run to allow me 7 hours to run the 50km. I actually ran 5 hrs 22 mins 56 secs for 32 miles or a little over 51km. Clearly this isn’t going to break any personal bests but it was both a pleasure and an ordeal in conditions that were similar conditions wise to runs at the North Pole and far North Canada, with a bit of a wind and snowy underfoot conditions.
Directly from finishing, I jumped pretty much straight onto the ice jet bound for Punta Arenas, South America. I’ll collect all my bags and run in Santiago after a connecting flight early on the 24th.
Run The World Challenge - At the start
Run The World Challenge – At the start

Tired, but relieved that the Antarctic leg and Ice Marathon went so well, thanks a million to race organiser Richard Donovan and the rest of the guys.

Run The World Challenge

7 ULTRAS ON 7 CONTINENTS IN 7 DAYS – Join the fun!

The road to success
The road to success.

One of the things that will keep me going when I’m tired, jet lagged or cold is knowing that this challenge is much more than a bloke with a big nose running in different parts of the world.
The more important bit is to get AT LEAST 5,000 people to take part in RunTheWorld – walking, cycling or running at least 5 km per day for a week with the fantastic 5× (with brilliant prizes to be had) or challenge yourself to a whole year with 30 minutes of physical activity every day for a year.
But this is a team effort! Please spread the word, sign-up yourself, and help a friend or a relative by getting them active. Please also watch this video about the best thing you can do for your health.
I’ll compete in the Ice Marathon in Antarctica and then try to run at least 50 km on each of the world’s 7 continents on consecutive days. Having been to The North Pole Marathon this year – I can’t wait to test myself in the freezer again prior to RunTheWorld – a novel way of getting home.
The contrasts of the cold of Antarctica, the heat of the desert, and the buzz of big cities will add to the excitement, but knowing 5000+ people are taking part with me will make all the difference. I’ll travel economy, Carbon offset and it’ll be a significant logistical and athletic challenge. Antarctic weather is ropey so it might start a few days late due to frequent flight delays.

  • 21st November – Compete in Ice Marathon
  • 23rd November – Antarctic leg
  • 24th November – Patagonia leg (South America)
  • 25th November – Atlanta leg (North America)
  • 26th November – London leg (Europe)
  • 27th November – Pyramids / Cairo leg (Africa)
  • 28th November – Desert / Dubai leg (Asia)
  • 29th November – Sydney leg, Australia

Thanks for coming on board. Your sign-ups, and messages of support are much appreciated.
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